Truck Trailers for Sale from Topline


Topline Industries are pretty tried and trusted. You know what you’re getting from a big player like them so it’s always one of the first places I will go when I’m looking for truck trailers for sale. We have a pretty big fleet but our needs are always changing and good equipment is just one of those on-going costs.

Whether I’m buying or selling parts Topline Industries often serve as the point man. They are as much a consultant and problem solver as they are a supplier. We’ve built a relationship with them over many years and have come to count on their service and quality. That’s not something you just give away, trust has to be earned, especially in business.

SEM On a Budget


With so many different things to spend money on in a business it’s hard to know where you get your return on investment. There are plenty of things with compliance, insurance and regulation where you know you’ll never see the return but it’s just the cost of doing business.

Marketing is a very different category because spending is often elective and therefore so many people don’t take advantage of really good SEM for example. We find with Search Engine Marketing you can better track your ROI and really customise your approach, target and message to find your way to the best results. Traffic Box have been amazing in that regard.

Dental Loans for Big Bills

I was pretty upset to find my insurance didn’t cover replacement dentures and I just had no idea how I was going to cover the cost when I broke mine. They were in desperate need of replacement anyway so I was glad fate forced my hand but I’m no longer making the sort of money where expenses like that aren’t important.


Plastic Surgery Loans were a real ace in the hole for me, mostly because I didn’t know about them before. It was the practitioner who actually suggested I speak to them when I told him I was worried about the cost. Between us we found a way to get the dental loans sorted and my new dentures made. They are a big improvement.

Gucci Sunglasses Without the High Street Price

Anyone who just wanders into a shop now and buys fashion items and accessories has to be a little crazy. Especially when you’ve got the comparison in your pocket there is just no excuse. I like to look around a bit and visit a physical store when I have the time. If the service is really good I might even be happy to pay a little more for bits and bobs but there needs to be a good balance between the cost and value.

I was in a store the other day and fell for a great pair of Gucci Sunglasses. I ended up Googling them just before the purchase only to find them about $100 cheaper at Held Vision. That was a no brainer for me and they were delivered in less than a week.


Melbourne River Cruises Take it All In

There are few cities quite so beautiful as Melbourne in the moonlight from the river where it all began. I was so amazed at our wonderful skyline from that special perspective, the beautiful domes of Flinders Street Station set against a backdrop of stunning modern feats of engineering, of steel and glass and concrete. The contrast is special and quite unique and there’s really nowhere quite so good to see it from.


I’ve kayaked on the Yarra before but somehow never found the time for Melbourne River Cruises. I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity and I’d really recommend Melbourne River Cruises, they know some great stories and make it a real adventure, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

When to Book Driving Test NSW?

All drivers learn as they go and expecting to be a great driver by the time you sit for and hopefully get your license is a little unrealistic. A quality driving school like Excel Drive will ensure you’re at least safe and confident on the roads. They’ll also help guide you in knowing when you’re ready to book driving test NSW.


In many ways this will just be the beginning of the long process of becoming an expert driver but it’s also the hardest part. Quality instructors take some of the fear and frustration out of what is often a difficult experience. Driving is supposed to be fun and make your life convenient and at Excel Drive they really help to make it that way.

Credit Score More Fluid Than You Think

So much about a credit score can be arbitrary but it’s the only concrete evidence a lender has to go by. Credit Fixed were amazing because they understand there’s more to reliable lending than a credit score and they really know how to make the system work for you.


They helped us refocus our credit history to demonstrate we are in fact responsible borrowers and boost our credit score. It meant we were eligible for a range of loans we really though we’d struggle to make the most of. The process wasn’t nearly as invasive as we had worried and they made us feel much better about the whole experience. It was great having their support through what was a particularly stressful process.

Can’t be in three places at once? Multisite POS is the next best thing

multisite-posI work as a manager in a bar in the city, and we’ve just opened a sister venue down in St Kilda. The owner recently tasked me with coming up with a solution to the software across both businesses that means he doesn’t have to constantly rush in between both all the time. Stock levels, staff timetables, POS software, that type of thing. Luckily enough, another bartender I know recently installed software from OrderMate at the bar he works in. He says it works a treat and is the best software to use when working in multiple locations in hospitality. I spoke with OrderMate and I was sold, and organised a meeting with my boss. He loved it and now we don’t know how we ever managed without OrderMate’s multisite POS software.

Where to Get Your Lip Enhancement Melbourne

lip_enhancement_melbourneThere are a range of good lip enhancement procedures and alternatives. I’ve become something of a plastic surgery expert over the years and my friends regularly come to me to ask about getting things done. Of course I have my own experts and that’s the team at Avenue Plastic Surgery. Done well and used correctly, plastic surgery is the best way to help you look your best. I particularly like what Avenue Plastic Surgery do with lip enhancement Melbourne. There treatments can all be done in a single session and really help to make the most of what you’ve already got in a natural looking and feeling way. I just love my new lips and most of my friends only notice the difference when I point it out to them, which is always a good sign.

Fancy a China golf tour?

china-golf-tourI wanted to do something a little different for my Christmas staff party last year. I’m the CEO of quite a large accounting firm, and I know that quite a lot of the guys in the office are into golf. A friend of mine has done some work for China Golf Experience in the past, so I got in touch with them to see what they provided. They were able to organise a complete China golf tour for 30 of our staff without a problem. I’m talking transfers from the airport, accommodation, meals, tours, golf courses, absolutely every minor detail you could think of. We all spent three days eating delicious food, staying in luxury resorts, and playing the finest courses I’d ever seen. China Golf Experience – check them out.