Can’t be in three places at once? Multisite POS is the next best thing

multisite-posI work as a manager in a bar in the city, and we’ve just opened a sister venue down in St Kilda. The owner recently tasked me with coming up with a solution to the software across both businesses that means he doesn’t have to constantly rush in between both all the time. Stock levels, staff timetables, POS software, that type of thing. Luckily enough, another bartender I know recently installed software from OrderMate at the bar he works in. He says it works a treat and is the best software to use when working in multiple locations in hospitality. I spoke with OrderMate and I was sold, and organised a meeting with my boss. He loved it and now we don’t know how we ever managed without OrderMate’s multisite POS software.

Where to Get Your Lip Enhancement Melbourne

lip_enhancement_melbourneThere are a range of good lip enhancement procedures and alternatives. I’ve become something of a plastic surgery expert over the years and my friends regularly come to me to ask about getting things done. Of course I have my own experts and that’s the team at Avenue Plastic Surgery. Done well and used correctly, plastic surgery is the best way to help you look your best. I particularly like what Avenue Plastic Surgery do with lip enhancement Melbourne. There treatments can all be done in a single session and really help to make the most of what you’ve already got in a natural looking and feeling way. I just love my new lips and most of my friends only notice the difference when I point it out to them, which is always a good sign.

Fancy a China golf tour?

china-golf-tourI wanted to do something a little different for my Christmas staff party last year. I’m the CEO of quite a large accounting firm, and I know that quite a lot of the guys in the office are into golf. A friend of mine has done some work for China Golf Experience in the past, so I got in touch with them to see what they provided. They were able to organise a complete China golf tour for 30 of our staff without a problem. I’m talking transfers from the airport, accommodation, meals, tours, golf courses, absolutely every minor detail you could think of. We all spent three days eating delicious food, staying in luxury resorts, and playing the finest courses I’d ever seen. China Golf Experience – check them out.

Professional Scar Removal Melbourne

scar_removal_melbourneIt’s important to look your best in a world that’s increasingly image conscious. You can complain about it till you’re blue in the face or accept that it is what it is and get on with your life. It wasn’t so long ago that a scar across the face of a young lady was close to a death sentence, certainly for her romantic life anyway. It’s fortunate we don’t live in times like these but I was still mortified when my daughter got a nasty scratch on the playground. After a year of hoping for the scar to heal naturally we decided professional scar removal Melbourne was the answer. We went to Avenue Advanced Skin Care on several recommendations and they were really fantastic.

Quality chauffeur Melbourne

There are very few chauffeur businesses that really get it. I’ve been driven around major cities all over the world over many years and I can tell you the cars don’t necessarily get better with time, nor do the drivers and rarely the service. It’s more an indictment of our culture than anything else.

Service used to be driven by a genuine desire to provide quality; to build a reputation for its own sake… something to take pride in. These days it’s all about money and it really shows. I recently had an experience in Melbourne with VHA Chauffeur and they really surprised me. I never imagined the experience of old from a chauffeur Melbourne. Their care, professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive.



Find a Rug for Any Space


One of the first things I consider when furnishing a new room, whether it be residential or even an office space, is whether or not it could benefit from a rug. Quality rugs are one of the best ways to create atmosphere at home or in an office. Atmosphere is something people always overlook but it’s one of the most important things we have to condition our environment.

When you think about a really inviting home or a productive work place you’re talking about atmosphere. Once you’ve determined, broadly what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create, it’s time to get specific and it’s always good to start with colour and light. The next consideration is rugs, if and how to use them. I always go and speak to Hali because they have the range and quality and they know their business as good as any.

Brilliant Bathroom Vanities in Melbourne

I’ve seen some wonderful ideas for bathroom vanities Melbourne and Sydney have on offer, over the last few months. We were thinking about doing a big renovation to create more cupboard space in the bathroom but we have actually found a way to achieve most of what we were after with some quality design.

Universal Timbers had loads of solutions for us when we went to speak to them. We eventually had them out to look and together we planned out exactly how we’d address the concerns we had. We’ve since had the bathroom vanities replaced in each of our three bathrooms and the workmanship has been great through all of them. These guys are really very good when it comes to bathroom vanities in Melbourne.


Great Food PR Company


I started a catering business last year that I run out of a function venue in Carlton and it took a really long time to get off the ground. All of a sudden things went gangbusters, not quite by accident but still quite suddenly. The big change for us was speaking to Keep Left and having them take on our food PR.

The scene here is so competitive you really need to have a great product offer wonderful service and be beautifully represented in the right places. For us that was a combination of on and offline media and a variety of forums and databases. Keep Left were really amazing at helping us tell the story of our business and drawing in prospective clients. They have been the best investment we’ve made.

Vending Machines for Sale, Perfect for the Office

We have a small office and we put vending machines to aid with productivity. SVA Vending had some great vending machines for sale with good warranties and they were all pretty easy to work out. We have someone come in and stock them regularly so that we don’t have to and we pretty much just run the machines at cost to keep the staff happy.

We get to have some control over the things they snack on and I think the staff really appreciate us looking after them by having healthy options in there when they get that late afternoon sugar craving. SVA Vending were a big help with stockists and suggestions and all in all it’s been a great success. We were very happy with them.


Ryan the Negotiator Car Brokers


I didn’t know car brokers were a thing until recently at a family bbq when my uncle Ed said I should chat to Ryan the Negotiator. I’ve had this old bomb for years now my folks bought me and I haven’t really had the money or time to get anything a little more adult. He said it was time I thought about getting a new car and I gave him all the usual excuses.

That’s when he mentioned Ryan and explained what car brokers do; essentially get you the best possible deal on a quality new car without the hassle, for a small fee. I spoke to Ryan and we chatted about car options. He was really helpful with advice on reliability, quality and the best dealers and he managed to negotiate a price about $4000 cheaper than what they were asking. Well worth the $250.