Home Delivered Meals Every Week


Tuesday is Dineamic day at my house. It used to be McDonalds day I am embarrassed to say but Tuesday’s are tough because I work late and the kids play sport after school. In the chaos we made easy choices rather than good ones but that’s not really the parent I wanted to be.

I discovered Dineamic about a year ago and they have grown to become a real staple for our family. We get the freshly made home delivered meals on Tuesday and always try to have a few in the fridge for when we’re in a rush and we don’t want to sacrifice eating well because of time. The food is delicious and the kids and I all really look forward to it and the wonderful feeling afterwards.

Manual Handling Training at Home

Getting old is pretty challenging and emotional stuff. I get a lot of help with my husband because I’m just not able to do lots of things for him. Healthcare 2 You have been a really fantastic help in keeping him with me at home where we are both more comfortable.


The expense and strain of moving into an aged care facility is just not something we’re ready for. It’s the simple but essential things that really make the difference with Healthcare 2 You. They have helped enable me to help him more with things like manual handling training and that sort of thing. The most difficult tasks can be made a lot easier with the right techniques and that’s something Healthcare 2 You really understand.


Truck Trailers for Sale from Topline


Topline Industries are pretty tried and trusted. You know what you’re getting from a big player like them so it’s always one of the first places I will go when I’m looking for truck trailers for sale. We have a pretty big fleet but our needs are always changing and good equipment is just one of those on-going costs.

Whether I’m buying or selling parts Topline Industries often serve as the point man. They are as much a consultant and problem solver as they are a supplier. We’ve built a relationship with them over many years and have come to count on their service and quality. That’s not something you just give away, trust has to be earned, especially in business.

Body Pillow Buddy

I’ve always had a close relationship with my pillow. It sounds a bit dumb but I used to carry an old pillowcase around with me everywhere and I was always the kid who had to bring her own pillow to a sleepover. I’ve tried many over the years and can be a bit parochial about what type I think is the best.


Amazingly, plenty of people don’t even think about their pillow but you do spend a lot of time on it, even if you’re just a normal person. Getting the right pillows is the same conversation for me, as getting the right sleep. One thing I’m really enjoying at the moment is my body pillow from Ultimate Sleep. That thing is the best to lie along.


DeLonghi heaters are superior heaters


I love our new home. My husband and I recently bought a new property just outside of the city that’s nice and modern, much better than our old home. Our children have all moved out, so we figured it was time to make ourselves comfortable. My favourite room? The bathroom. Huge double shower and bath, instantaneous hot water, and best of all, DeLonghi heaters. We did a bit of research and found that DeLonghi were far and away the best heaters for bathrooms, so we found local installer Hunt Heating to fit our bathroom out for us. Their team was very professional and courteous, and clearly knew what they were doing. Hunt Heating for bathroom heating, trust me.

SEM On a Budget


With so many different things to spend money on in a business it’s hard to know where you get your return on investment. There are plenty of things with compliance, insurance and regulation where you know you’ll never see the return but it’s just the cost of doing business.

Marketing is a very different category because spending is often elective and therefore so many people don’t take advantage of really good SEM for example. We find with Search Engine Marketing you can better track your ROI and really customise your approach, target and message to find your way to the best results. Traffic Box have been amazing in that regard.

Dental Loans for Big Bills

I was pretty upset to find my insurance didn’t cover replacement dentures and I just had no idea how I was going to cover the cost when I broke mine. They were in desperate need of replacement anyway so I was glad fate forced my hand but I’m no longer making the sort of money where expenses like that aren’t important.


Plastic Surgery Loans were a real ace in the hole for me, mostly because I didn’t know about them before. It was the practitioner who actually suggested I speak to them when I told him I was worried about the cost. Between us we found a way to get the dental loans sorted and my new dentures made. They are a big improvement.

Gucci Sunglasses Without the High Street Price

Anyone who just wanders into a shop now and buys fashion items and accessories has to be a little crazy. Especially when you’ve got the comparison in your pocket there is just no excuse. I like to look around a bit and visit a physical store when I have the time. If the service is really good I might even be happy to pay a little more for bits and bobs but there needs to be a good balance between the cost and value.

I was in a store the other day and fell for a great pair of Gucci Sunglasses. I ended up Googling them just before the purchase only to find them about $100 cheaper at Held Vision. That was a no brainer for me and they were delivered in less than a week.


Melbourne River Cruises Take it All In

There are few cities quite so beautiful as Melbourne in the moonlight from the river where it all began. I was so amazed at our wonderful skyline from that special perspective, the beautiful domes of Flinders Street Station set against a backdrop of stunning modern feats of engineering, of steel and glass and concrete. The contrast is special and quite unique and there’s really nowhere quite so good to see it from.


I’ve kayaked on the Yarra before but somehow never found the time for Melbourne River Cruises. I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity and I’d really recommend Melbourne River Cruises, they know some great stories and make it a real adventure, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

When to Book Driving Test NSW?

All drivers learn as they go and expecting to be a great driver by the time you sit for and hopefully get your license is a little unrealistic. A quality driving school like Excel Drive will ensure you’re at least safe and confident on the roads. They’ll also help guide you in knowing when you’re ready to book driving test NSW.


In many ways this will just be the beginning of the long process of becoming an expert driver but it’s also the hardest part. Quality instructors take some of the fear and frustration out of what is often a difficult experience. Driving is supposed to be fun and make your life convenient and at Excel Drive they really help to make it that way.