The most convenient moving boxes Melbourne has to offer


If you’re like me, you may leave things until the last minute. I’m moving house in a week, and until yesterday I didn’t have any moving boxes. I figured it’d be as easy as going to the local fruit shop and asking if he could spare a few cardboard boxes, but apparently not. First of all, none of them seemed to have lids – they were just open boxes. Secondly, they were all the same size which wasn’t very helpful for my smaller, more fragile items. See what happens when you leave things too late? Luckily my partner gave me a helpful suggestion (just don’t tell her I said so!) She told me to go down to Guardian Storage who’ve got a huge range of different sized packing and moving boxes. And she was right, they were perfect. I got some really big boxes for my books and CDS, a couple of smaller ones for kitchen utensils, and even narrower ones for all my prints and framed artwork. They even had specific boxes for wine bottles with specially-designed inserts – how cool is that? The guy at the fruit shop was a nice guy, but I’m afraid I’ll be sticking with Guardian Storage any time I need storage options. If you’re looking for moving boxes Melbourne wide, you’d be wise to do the same.

Easy to use retractable fly screens – no more bugs, no more flies


We’ve had a farm in the country for about 10 years now. I absolutely love life on the farm – it’s great to be outdoors all day and keeping busy. I couldn’t imagine anything else. One thing I could do without, though, is all the flies. We’ve got a lot of pigs and cattle on the farm and the flies are out of control. The house itself is often full of them which is no fun for me and my wife, and in the summer months it’s unbearable. We’d like to have the windows open from time to time but then it gets even worse if we do. I decided I’d install some fly screens – I’d avoided it in the past because they look unsightly but I found some retractable fly screens from Blockout Blinds that are practically invisible and easy to open and shut. Perfect. They came out to the house to measure everything up and gave me a quote before they left. I got a few more quotes from other companies but none of them even came close, so I got back in touch with Blockout Blinds and they installed everything the very next week. Now the flies stick to the pigs outside, and my new fly screens look great on the house.

Our Latest Golf Vacation

We just came home from two weeks of great food and great golf in China. We love to golf vacation because it’s a passion we both share and we always seem to meet the loveliest people at golf resorts. China is just the last word in golfing holidays because of its variety, great food and just how interesting the destination is culturally. Read the rest of this entry »

I Found Great Storage in Melbourne

I had to relocate to Brisbane for work but only for the year. My company were happy to find me a furnished apartment rather than have all my things relocated and then relocated back but I then had the problem of what to do with everything. I was going to keep a lot of stuff at my folks place but rather than inconvenience them, I had a look at storage options. Read the rest of this entry »

A Draftsperson A Day

We hire our draftsperson by the day, sometimes by the hour. We can also hire them by the job, which is usually the way to go but the main thing here is the added convenience of bringing someone in for a limited period without the hassle of recruitment, training, payroll etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Car Service Melbourne that Comes to You

I am notoriously late to get my car serviced and I never really thought that was much of a big deal until recently. Not being prompt about these things can really lead to damaging your vehicle, affecting resale and warranties. I guess I had never really thought about that but my dad was really on my case. Read the rest of this entry »

What a weekend away with Yarra Valley wine tours!

The Yarra Valley is an absolutely stunning region of Victoria and was the gorgeous location for my friend’s recent wedding. We made the most of the long weekend by spending time on an Out and About Yarra Valley wine tour the day after the wedding and it was the perfect way to cap off a wonderful weekend away. Read the rest of this entry »

A Cabinet Maker in the Knick of Time

I needed the cabinets in our kitchen finished in time for the painter but I was really unhappy with the work being done by the guys we were using. I was just going to deal with it and hope for the best but I decided I would really regret it. When I called the kitchen design centre I actually didn’t expect them to be able to get the job done in the time frame we had.

Read the rest of this entry »

Make your move easier and buy cheap packaging boxes

What is the one thing that you always need when moving houses but never know where to get them? That’s right…packaging boxes. This time when I moved I decided to come prepared with everything that we needed to move, from Warrigal Rd Packing Supplies. Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Beach House Phillip Island

We spent a long time tossing up between the countryside or the coastline. In the end Phillip Island tipped the scale for us with the beautiful beach house in Phillip Island that we found. There are some really beautiful properties out here just perfect for a sea-change. For us it represented everything we were looking for in a new life away from the big city and we have just loved getting settled into our new home and community. Read the rest of this entry »