Unparalleled quality second hand forklifts Perth wide

When the necessity for me to purchase a second forklift for my business became too much to ignore anymore, I knew exactly who I’d be speaking to. I purchased my first forklift from NTP Forklifts, second hand, and the quality of the product and customer service I received was unparalleled. More than this, they were always available for servicing and maintenance of my forklift onsite if ever I needed it.

So naturally, for second hand forklifts Perth wide, I was going to speak to them. As expected, they had exactly what I was looking for at a competitive price whilst maintaining quality. If you’re in the market for a forklift, I’d say give NTP Forklifts a visit.


For a bond loan QLD, Melbourne and indeed Australian renters will love, there’s only one place to go.

When my boyfriend and I broke up, though amicably, I knew I wanted to move out of our place fast. Of course the bond I’d help pay for that place was tied up until he moved out, so it was either save for a new one or try for a bond loan QLD could offer me. Given that I wanted to move out as soon as possible, I chose the latter.



The whole process was a lot easier than I initially thought, particularly with the help of Bond Loans QLD. The application was all done online and I was approved for the loan in just 24hrs. Essentially I was ready to act before I had even found a new place, but it wasn’t long being I had applied, been approved and moved out, definitely thanks to the help of a bond loan.

Visit Bond-Loans for bond loans QLD renters will love

For most, the idea of moving into a new rental properties is the stuff of nightmares. What with bonds, removalists and the cost of utility setup, the expenses can sometimes be overwhelming and you’re not always financially ready. In the past, I probably would have agreed, however this is no longer the case for me after I discovered bond loans QLD renters will love.


A bond loan is essentially just a small loan that softens the blow of moving costs, and with places such as Bond-Loans offering a 24hr approval rate, it’s never been easier to move house. Whether you’re waiting for an old bond to be released, or you’re a first time renter, a bond loan could be what gets you into your new place faster.

For web design Melbourne wide, Splashbox is the one


I won’t lie – my website used to be pretty embarrassing. That was, until the team at Splashbox swooped in and gave it a much needed facelift. I suppose when I first started my business way back when, I completely discounted what an impact a website could have on my success. I found that while people were finding and visiting the page, the conversion rate was alarmingly low. I knew I had found a niche in an industry which people needed, so I figured it must have been my website deterring potential customers.

I got a good friend of mine to look at the website as though they were a potential customer and tell me what they thought. As it turns out, a lot was wrong. The content was poorly written and confusing, multiple links were broken and most importantly, the overall design was not user friendly and difficult to navigate. My friend then pointed out if the website itself wasn’t a deterrent enough, it was near impossible to find the enquiry form.

It was pretty clear that it needed to be amended if I wanted my business to be truly competitive, so I sought a team who specialised in web design Melbourne wide. This is how I came to find Splashbox and I’ve got to tell you, the finished product was like nothing I could’ve imagined. I knew immediately my business would finally get the recognition it deserved and it’s definitely thanks to their expertise.

Why buying handbags online is the way to go


Finding great handbags online can be tricky, but is entirely doable. There’s also the chance of finding hidden gems in unexpected places, such as Novo Shoes. For me, I find there are three key areas you want to consider when adding that new bag to cart.

First, the actual appearance of the bag it obviously of utmost importance, anything from the colour to a skewed buckle can be a deal breaker. The appearance can also mean the fabric of the bag – perhaps the design itself is fine but the leather looks cheap; deal breaker. Once you’ve got the look, next comes the second key area, security. Sure, the bag looks nice, but what does that matter if your belongings fall – or perhaps are taken from your purse. Something with a good zipper or secure opening is essential. Now you’ve got yourself an aesthetically pleasing and safe bag, but what about the third concern? Price. Whether you’re looking to indulge or for a bargain, the price of a bag is probably the biggest deterrent.

This is why shopping online has its perks – worried about the price? Just look to one of the other thousands of bags conveniently located on your computer, and don’t just stick to the more obvious stores. It was when I was looking for shoes that I came across a perfect bag at Novo Shoes. Who’d have guessed? So take it from me, if you’re in the market for a new handbag, maybe try looking online.

From kitchen cupboards to benchtops – make sure your kitchen is flawless


My wife and I decided to buy our house with the philosophy of the worst house in the best street, knowing that we were willing to fix it up. For some of the smaller renovations, we were happy to go at it alone, but for the bigger ones we enlisted help. Our kitchen space was pretty small, so we knew we needed a team who could design something that was entirely functional, from the benchtops to the kitchen cupboards. We were recommended to speak to The Kitchen Design Centre, and we were glad we were, as they were able to provide us with amazing storage solutions for our little kitchen. From design to completion they were incredibly diligent and professional in making sure we were happy with the finished product, and that we were.

Amazing underfloor heating solutions to keep you warm this winter


With winter looming, the thought of sprinting to the bedroom in my towel to avoid the freezing tiles was plaguing my mind. It added an unnecessary element of stress to my mornings and was something I hadn’t missed during the warm embrace of summer. I fondly thought back to my childhood home which had underfloor heating to combat the cold, and wondered to myself if this were a possibility in my home? As it turns out, Quickheat have super easy underfloor heating solutions that you are able to install yourself. I spoke to the team and we found the right product for me, and before I knew it, my home was back to being toasty warm. I honestly don’t know what had taken me so long.

The most seamless office removals Melbourne wide


As our business grew, we began to outgrow our office, so the hunt began for something bigger and better. It was important the space was centrally located and easily accessible to public transport, as well as facilitating further room for growth so that moving again wouldn’t be necessary too soon. Once we found the perfect space, there became the task of moving the existing office to the new space. This needed to be a seamless production as realistically, we wanted to lose as little time as possible to the move. So, we obtained the services of McClure’s Moving and Storage, who were experts in office removals Melbourne wide. By midday, we were setting up and settling into the new office space. It was definitely one of the best moves I’d ever experienced, and it’s definitely thanks to McClure’s Moving and Storage.

Make a house a home with plantation shutters



Yesterday was a big day. Yesterday, the build of my house was completed. Needless to say, I am exhausted but delighted that both my husbands and my vision has been realised. Throughout the build, it was important to us that our new house felt like a home and our decision to install plantation shutters was one of our best. Visually, the shutters add to our new homes aesthetic appeal, as well as adding much needed warmth, sophistication and practicality. Initially, finding someone who could cater to our planned arched windows and desire for an environmentally friendly product seemed impossible; however when we came across Blockout Blinds it was clear they could easily work within our requirements. The team were efficient, friendly and overall extremely cost effective, and somebody that I could confidently recommend.

Environmental floor heating systems do exist!

It was a pretty huge milestone when I finally had the conversation with myself that I was probably ready, both financially and personally, to stop renting and buy a home. Then there came the decision of whether I would build or buy, which for me came easy. It was important that the home I invest my money in be environmentally conscious, and I figured it to be easier to start from the ground up. Something that did stump me in the planning was whether or not I install heating in my new home – was it a waste of energy? The solution to my environmental requirements was found at Speedheat.


Their floor heating systems work so that only the room you require warms up, rather than your whole home, thus no more wasted energy. I couldn’t have been happier to have found an environmentally conscious solution to my homes warmth.