Find a Rug for Any Space


One of the first things I consider when furnishing a new room, whether it be residential or even an office space, is whether or not it could benefit from a rug. Quality rugs are one of the best ways to create atmosphere at home or in an office. Atmosphere is something people always overlook but it’s one of the most important things we have to condition our environment.

When you think about a really inviting home or a productive work place you’re talking about atmosphere. Once you’ve determined, broadly what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create, it’s time to get specific and it’s always good to start with colour and light. The next consideration is rugs, if and how to use them. I always go and speak to Hali because they have the range and quality and they know their business as good as any.

Brilliant Bathroom Vanities in Melbourne

I’ve seen some wonderful ideas for bathroom vanities Melbourne and Sydney have on offer, over the last few months. We were thinking about doing a big renovation to create more cupboard space in the bathroom but we have actually found a way to achieve most of what we were after with some quality design.

Universal Timbers had loads of solutions for us when we went to speak to them. We eventually had them out to look and together we planned out exactly how we’d address the concerns we had. We’ve since had the bathroom vanities replaced in each of our three bathrooms and the workmanship has been great through all of them. These guys are really very good when it comes to bathroom vanities in Melbourne.


Great Food PR Company


I started a catering business last year that I run out of a function venue in Carlton and it took a really long time to get off the ground. All of a sudden things went gangbusters, not quite by accident but still quite suddenly. The big change for us was speaking to Keep Left and having them take on our food PR.

The scene here is so competitive you really need to have a great product offer wonderful service and be beautifully represented in the right places. For us that was a combination of on and offline media and a variety of forums and databases. Keep Left were really amazing at helping us tell the story of our business and drawing in prospective clients. They have been the best investment we’ve made.

Vending Machines for Sale, Perfect for the Office

We have a small office and we put vending machines to aid with productivity. SVA Vending had some great vending machines for sale with good warranties and they were all pretty easy to work out. We have someone come in and stock them regularly so that we don’t have to and we pretty much just run the machines at cost to keep the staff happy.

We get to have some control over the things they snack on and I think the staff really appreciate us looking after them by having healthy options in there when they get that late afternoon sugar craving. SVA Vending were a big help with stockists and suggestions and all in all it’s been a great success. We were very happy with them.


Ryan the Negotiator Car Brokers


I didn’t know car brokers were a thing until recently at a family bbq when my uncle Ed said I should chat to Ryan the Negotiator. I’ve had this old bomb for years now my folks bought me and I haven’t really had the money or time to get anything a little more adult. He said it was time I thought about getting a new car and I gave him all the usual excuses.

That’s when he mentioned Ryan and explained what car brokers do; essentially get you the best possible deal on a quality new car without the hassle, for a small fee. I spoke to Ryan and we chatted about car options. He was really helpful with advice on reliability, quality and the best dealers and he managed to negotiate a price about $4000 cheaper than what they were asking. Well worth the $250.

Cash Loans Without the Hassle


I run a small business and we’ve only been around about a year now. We don’t yet have the sort of cash reserves I’d like but we will get there. In the meantime we’re living sort of hand to mouth and the problem is that while we have good revenue for where we’re at, we’re not always making money when we’re spending it.

When we need to pay bills and find ourselves a little short on cash we usually turn to The Personal Loan Store. It’s only ever for pretty small amounts and they keep the process really simple and fare so we can manage the bills without the stress. The personal loan store offer a great service for cash loans, keep their details on hand.

All Kinds of Professional Indemnity insurance in Australia with BRIC

I’m a tiler and back in Italy I never bothered with insurance. Professional indemnity insurance in Australia is a much more important thing because people are much more concerned with processes and doing things the right way. I definitely make better money here for my work and am really appreciated but when things go wrong, my clients expect heads to roll.


We keep those situations to an absolute minimum but the job is unpredictable and materials and staff are not always reliable. Your best insurance is quality training and exacting standards but not having professional indemnity insurance in Australia, to cover anything unexpected is just negligent. I have been using Bric since setting up the business in 2008 and I think they are great.

Sandals Online Fast

I love shoe shopping, even the online variety. I accept the compromise in romance for the convenience but I do hate waiting weeks and weeks for a pair of shoes. I had heard good things about Naturalizer so I decided to give them a whirl and I bought a pair of sandals online from them about a month ago.

I had the shoes in less than 10 days, which was less even than they had advised. I’ve got to say they are some of the best sandals I’ve owned and while I expected them to be comfortable, I was surprised by how great they look.


You can definitely go wrong buying shoes and sandals online but Naturalizer, in my experience is a pretty safe bet with a straightforward return policy if you need it.


Vehicle Inspections a Must

Before I do any big road journey I like to get a vehicle inspection, especially with my family on board as they invariably are. We love the open road, a bit of coastal camping… it’s our idea of the perfect getaway but only when things don’t go wrong. You can’t avoid every conceivable problem but you can be prepared and certainly minimize the likelihood of anything really nasty happening.


I like to get one of the mechanics from Ace Mobile around to look over the car and engine before we get going. It’s usually done in under an hour and they do vehicle inspections for pocket change. Despite that they are really thorough and they’ve caught some potential hazards that could have been really unpleasant. Worth every penny.

Ever heard of a green wall? No? Then read on…


Up until recently, we had a really great backyard. Vegie garden in one corner, garden beds in the other, and shrubs and hedges along every fence. Then, after years of pressure from my kids, I put in a big in-ground swimming pool and half the garden had to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love our new pool, too, but I do miss the garden and now there isn’t really enough space for another. I did a bit of research on vertical gardens, which I had heard of before, and I got in touch with a company by the name of O2 Plant Walls. They showed me a green wall that they’d designed and I loved it immediately. I ordered two of them on the spot and they’re coming out next week to install them on the rear wall of my house. They’re perfect for areas that have limited space as they take up next to no horizontal room at all. I chose a number of the same flowers and native shrubs that we had before, and they look even better this time up on the wall. If you miss you garden but don’t have room for a traditional one, invest in a green wall from O2 Plant Walls.